COVID Distance Con­trol Device with Con­ta­ct Tra­cing Functionality

COVID / Coro­na­vi­rus distance warning device for auto­ma­tic com­pli­an­ce with distance rules and con­ta­ct tra­cing — more than 80,000 devices have alrea­dy been sold. Pre­vent lock­down, pro­tect employees: The Corona distance detec­tor warns visual­ly and acousti­cal­ly as soon as you are too close for more than 3 seconds to ano­t­her person who is also wea­ring such a distance detec­tor for Corona. Com­ple­te­ly anonymous!

COVID distance control device
COVID Social Distance Con­trol Device with Con­ta­ct Tra­cing Functionality

Auto­ma­tic digi­tal COVID distance meter with alarm for in-plant con­ta­ct tracing

COVID distance con­trol / detec­tor / meter / device: The Corona distance detec­tor works com­ple­te­ly anony­mous­ly. The device is worn in the upper body area and regis­ters all those close con­ta­cts in the com­pa­ny that could lead to a poten­ti­al infec­tion or records them if the safe distance bet­ween two people is not main­tai­ned. The char­ging sta­ti­on — called a char­ging hub — is also used for syn­chro­ni­sa­ti­on, i.e. the devices recor­ded during con­ta­ct tra­cing. IDs are ent­e­red into the anony­mous close con­ta­ct diary.

Corona out­look: “still ten years more”

The micro­bio­lo­gist Sharon Peacock from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Cam­bridge now voiced a fur­ther, dis­tur­bing future out­look on virus muta­ti­ons in the BBC “New­s­cast”. She said she expects vari­ants of the Sars-CoV‑2 coro­na­vi­rus to con­ti­nue to preoc­cu­py the world into the early 2030s. “Once we have the virus under con­trol or it muta­tes itself so that it is no longer viru­lent and causes dise­a­se, we can stop worry­ing,” Peacock said. She leads the UK’s pro­gram­me to sequence coro­na­vi­rus sam­ples. “But loo­king to the future, I think we’ll be doing this (sequen­cing, ed.) for years. We will still be doing it in ten years’ time, in my opinion.” Bio­lo­gist gives future pro­gno­sis: Corona muta­ti­ons will still be on our minds in 10 years, 11.02.2021

COVID distance alarm device as part of an inte­gra­ted in-house hygie­ne con­cept and as an addi­tio­nal mea­su­re to effec­tively con­tain a poten­ti­al corona outbreak.

The COVID distance warner should ide­al­ly be com­bi­ned with active (daily) corona virus tes­ting of employees as part of an inte­gra­ted hygie­ne con­cept. As soon as there is a posi­ti­ve test result from an inter­nal or extern­al­ly con­duc­ted test of an employee, their con­ta­cts within the com­pa­ny / orga­ni­sa­ti­on can be eva­lua­ted online up to 14 days back by the appoin­ted trus­ted person. The employees with closer con­ta­cts can then be sent into pre­cau­tio­na­ry qua­ran­ti­ne, thus pre­ven­ting fur­ther spread. The recom­men­ded hygie­ne mea­su­res by the government in your coun­try must still be observed.

How the COVID distance alarm device works?

If there is a con­ti­nuous close con­ta­ct of 3 seconds bet­ween two Corona distance detec­tors, the device IDs are recor­ded. A close con­ta­ct is recor­ded with the date and device ID (but not the dura­ti­on or time!) if a person also wea­ring a Corona distance detec­tor is less than approx. 1.5–2.0 m away. By syn­chro­ni­sing on the char­ging hub, this infor­ma­ti­on and the date are trans­fer­red to a secure cloud. No per­so­nal data, no loca­ti­on infor­ma­ti­on or times are recor­ded in the pro­cess! If there is a proven infec­tion, all IDs who had close con­ta­ct with the affec­ted person accord­ing to the anony­mous close con­ta­ct diary are noti­fied. The noti­fi­ca­ti­on is made via a trus­ted person. This trus­ted person can be, for examp­le, a com­pa­ny doctor, a works coun­cil chair­man, a human resour­ces mana­ger or the mana­ging director.

The distance meter is sui­ta­ble for the fol­lowing fields of app­li­ca­ti­on, among others:

  • Indus­try / in pro­duc­tion (e.g. assem­bly line pro­duc­tion such as in slaugh­ter­houses and other food pro­ces­sing industries)
  • In con­struc­tion, on buil­ding sites and assem­bly (mobile solu­ti­on in a case, see pic­tu­re below)
  • Events and trade fairs — busi­ness and pri­va­te (mobile solu­ti­on in a case, see pic­tu­re below)
  • Cate­ring and hotel indus­try — staff and guest groups
  • Schools, uni­ver­si­ties and other authorities
  • Amu­se­ment parks / zoos
  • Ships / Cruise ships / Crui­ses / Marine
Corona Alarm Device with charging station
COVID Distance Con­trol Devices with char­ging station


  • Redu­ced risk of infec­tion due to auto­ma­tic distance warning
  • Con­ta­ct tra­cing: tracea­bi­li­ty of the infec­tion chain in case of infection
  • More than 80,000 Corona units have alrea­dy been ordered
  • Easy to use
  • Qua­li­ty pro­duct manu­fac­tu­red in DACH region
  • Anoyme / DSGVO-com­pli­ant data collec­tion (only date of con­ta­ct with device ID is recor­ded, e.g. only the com­pa­ny doctor or works coun­cil can know the assign­ment of device ID to employee names)


  • Bat­te­ry life approx. 14 hours, 2 hours char­ging time
  • Can be used in ambi­ent tem­pe­ra­tures from 0° C to 40° C
  • Unit must be syn­chro­nis­ed daily. This is done com­ple­te­ly auto­ma­ti­cal­ly in the char­ging hub / char­ging sta­ti­on. Each unit has an assi­gned slot on the char­ging hub. To syn­chro­ni­se at the end of the working day, plug it in there.
  • Works without a mobile phone
  • Optio­nal: prin­ted with your own com­pa­ny logo (free of charge for orders of 250 or more)
  • Sta­tio­na­ry char­ging sta­ti­ons avail­ab­le for 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120, 150, 165 and 180 devices respec­tively — either with wall bra­cket or with stand bracket
  • Mobile event case with char­ging faci­li­ties for a maxi­mum of 60 units each
  • Data trans­mis­si­on tra­cked via SIM cards (one SIM card requi­red per char­ging station/hub, not included)
  • Water­pro­of cover with cord optio­nal­ly available
Mobile COVID distance control devices with suitcase
Mobile COVID device suit­ca­se for events, semi­nars, con­struc­tion sites etc.

The Blue­tooth distance mea­su­re­ment is sub­ject to fluc­tua­tions due to tech­ni­cal rea­sons, e.g. if the signal is reflected.


Corona infec­tions may occur des­pi­te the use of the corona distance warning.


Before orde­ring larger quan­ti­ties, we recom­mend that you carry out a test with four Corona Stand­off War­ners. The price of the test packa­ge is EUR 120 plus VAT. If, con­tra­ry to expec­ta­ti­ons, the test is not posi­ti­ve and you no longer wish to use the Corona distance warning devices regu­lar­ly, you can return the devices to us. Upon rece­i­pt of the test devices, you will recei­ve a cor­re­spon­ding credit note in the same amount.


Quan­ti­ty dis­count only pos­si­ble from 2000 units on request.

Esti­ma­ted deli­very time: approx. 10–14 days (non-bin­ding, as demand is very high)

Offer sub­ject to confirmation!!!

Pro­duct returns not permitted.

In addi­ti­on to the initi­al purcha­se costs, recur­ring semi-annual licen­sing fee for soft­ware / hos­ting. The licence inclu­des server hos­ting, eva­lua­ti­on and updates in addi­ti­on to the use of the software.